The Spaceship Next Door

Things I’m tired of:
Spunky sixteen-year-old heroines,
Teen saves the world in the face of government incompetence,
Teen has conflicted “boy” issues,
First-contact threatens the annihilation of all life,
Nerdy scientists.

The Spaceship Next Door has all of the things that exasperate me, and yet, I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this phenomenal book. It has a mystery. It has the charm and irreverence of Mark Twain. It has action and clever plot-twist. It is hard to put down.

Doucette’s mastery of the writing craft is evident in too many ways to list. His prose brought a smile to my lips as I read passages not intended to be humorous, although there are many laugh-aloud moments, and his deft ability to weave backstory seamlessly throughout the novel is a creative-writing lesson in and of itself. 

I recommend The Spaceship Next Door to writers as an example of how to do it right and to all readers, sci-fi fan or not, as a great joy to read. 

The book is available on Amazon and is free on Kindle Unlimited.