Big Bang Failure

the-big-bang-theory poster

Join my petition to demand Chuck Lorre and Warner Brother to remake The Big Bang Theory finale.

The storyline was okay, at first. We all expected a heartwarming and humous recap of the iconic show’s 12-year run. But the sappy, namby-pamby, left-wing ending was atrocious.

After 12 years of suffering the narcissistic abuse of Sheldon (the self-appointed expert in all things), Leonard gets a SLAP? That’s it!

It’s wrong. Wrong. Wrong and not right.

Sheldon wasn’t elected to his position and can’t be voted out. There is only one proper way to end the Big Bang Theory’s long run: the last scene fades to black as Sheldon lies bleeding a victim of Leonard’s inept beheading attempt using the Game of Thrones sword replica, Longclaw.

We want a redo.