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Rogue Star 2 Book Series (a post-apocalyptic thriller)

I was an editor on these books and heartfully recommend them to anyone looking for an exciting page-turner. Jasper T. Scott has mastered the art of plot-twists and when combined with his creativity you get a wild ride. If you act quickly, you can catch a ride at a bargain price.

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Earth is divided: humanity resides in the frozen wastes, while the invading alien machines, dubbed Screechers, occupy the habitable regions–and they have built a wall to keep us out. This is our new world.

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Review Cloverfield Paradox – Netflix

CloverfieldI watched the new Netflix film, Cloverfield Paradox, last night. I wasn’t impressed. That’s not to say I hated it—I didn’t. The acting’s pretty good as are the sets and special effects. The story deals with some interesting ideas about the nature of the universe, and there is plenty of action and tension.

Cloverfield Paradox reminds me of Alien in some respects, however, no monsters lay eggs in humans. It also reminds me of B-grade Sci-Fi tales from my youth; walking and running around between dialog scenes abound in this film too.

My biggest problem with the film is gravity; it’s omnipresent in the Cloverfield universe. I accept that on a space station, after all, artificial gravity is a common trope today. I don’t accept it when the power fails or characters make an extra-vehicular trip to dramatically save the day, yet again. Shame on you, J. J. Abrams, you know better.

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Royar Abele knows dogs. He knows them so well he can sense their thoughts and influence their behavior. His talents win him a place in the Hundteam Academy dedicated to training young men and dogs to be elite scouts for the Army.

Now, sixteen-year-old Royar and his trusted dog, Felmer, look forward to a new life in service to their country. But he has no idea of the dangers he’ll encounter when he’s assigned to a small group on their quest to the mysterious Lif Valley.

Royar knows dogs, but he has much to learn about life and himself. He won’t survive the mission unless he can overcome vicious animals, treacherous humans, and deadly weather. Those challenges will be easier than facing the demons of his youth.

A captivating adventure story with laugh-out-loud moments, Gates of Fire and Ash is a Tolkienian tale and a promising debut by a new author.