New Book Launch & New Web Site


Available right now for $0.99 to my followers. The price will increase to $2.99 soon.

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Royar Abele knows dogs. He knows them so well he can sense their thoughts and influence their behavior. His talents win him a place in the Hundteam Academy dedicated to training young men and dogs to be elite scouts for the Army.

Now, sixteen-year-old Royar and his trusted dog, Felmer, look forward to a new life in service to their country. But he has no idea of the dangers he’ll encounter when he’s assigned to a small group on their quest to the mysterious Lif Valley.

Royar knows dogs, but he has much to learn about life and himself. He won’t survive the mission unless he can overcome vicious animals, treacherous humans, and deadly weather. Those challenges will be easier than facing the demons of his youth.

A captivating adventure story with laugh-out-loud moments, Gates of Fire and Ash is a Tolkienian tale and a promising debut by a new author.



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